Don’t Be a Stranger — Like Me.

I know what you’re thinking: Where have you been, Emily? Well that’s why I’m writing you today.

I owe you an apology. I haven’t been as active on the blog as I’d like to be or as I have been in the past. And there’s good reason for that. Excuse the melodrama — I know — but I really do feel I owe readers/subscribers an apology for my inconsistencies. What I’m about to share will make up for that, and hopefully this anticlimactic blog post will turn out to be worth your time.

Check out the video below and I’ll explain exactly what I’m talking about. Plus, I’m launching a new vlogging “project” to get you talking about issues you care about. YOU’RE in on it! I’ll share about that too.



  • Meghan

    My vision is to become an expert in my field.  It’s not always easy to do this as a woman in the construction industry.  I spend my time learning and getting field experience, because construction is something I feel very passionately about.  I want to see a problem, know how to fix it, and get it done right. 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Meghan! It’s great to hear you have a “vision” for your career. You’d be surprised, but so many don’t. I spoke to a group yesterday, and this was a point that I made — create a vision for your business and career, and use it as a barometer for everything you do. I have no doubt you’ll be a leader in your field in no time, as it sounds like you have a strong work ethic, plus passion for what you do. I wish you the best!