Speaking of Death and Birthdays . . . MJ To Be Buried On What Would Be His 51st

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So yesterday I wrote about how birthdays always remind me of death and how brief our lives are here on earth. Then what was announced today? That music pop star Michael Jackson will be buried on what would’ve been his 51st birthday, on August 29. How ironic is that? I’m sure his family probably strategically planned for him to be buried that day. But could you imagine being put to rest on the same day as your birth -- the day you were introduced to the world in turn becomes the day in which … [Read more...]

Nothing Like a Birthday To Get You Thinking About Death

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There’s nothing like a birthday, another milestone, to get you feeling depressed, anxious or excited about the future. You start thinking about all the things you have and haven’t accomplished in your life. You begin to see your final days on earth fast approaching. And you’re wondering whether there’s any room left in the world for another dream-seeker, risk-taker, and career pioneer like yourself. 

I’m here to say that YES there is still room for YOU! And for ME! STOP taking a back … [Read more...]

Are Your Talents Wage-Worthy?

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What’s your secret talent? Are you an excellent writer? Do you make a killer cheesecake? As a parent or concerned citizen, have you raised funds for your local school that exceeded everyone’s expectations? Can you stitch a new garment out of an old tapestry that could rival that of any leading designer? Are you well-oiled machine when it comes to planning birthday parties and annual gatherings for yourself, family and friends? Up until now, have you done all of this for free, even … [Read more...]