How to Create a Dreamboard. Plus, Take the First Career Pioneer Poll!

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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by to participate in the first CP poll. Today, we’re talking about dream or vision boards, which have grown increasingly popular over the years. Dijon, a devoted Career Pioneer and reader, shared in a recent post that he keeps a dream board on his wall in his bedroom and that his two young boys are creating one too. (Thanks for sharing that with us Dijon!) 
How inspiring and fun is that?!

I don’t have a dream board yet. So, I did a little research and found a handy Wiki/ how-to guide on creating an effective dream board and the tools needed to do so. It won’t take much effort, except it will require a little bit of imagination and dreaming on your part. (I think we can all handle that!) I reproduced the guidelines below with Wiki’s permission.

How about we all create our own dream board, and if possible, involve our families like Dijon has. Or, do it with a group of friends. Turn it into a fun weekend project. Imagine your excitement when you begin to see your dreams evolve from paper cutouts and phrases, into dreams come true!

Let’s get started!

How to Make a Dream Board
from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Setting goals is something we are all so familiar with, it’s almost a boring topic! People say things like:

  • “Yes, we know we should set goals;”
  • “Yes, we know we can set goals for health, for sport, for work, for financial – in fact for all aspects of our lives;”
  • “Yes, we know goals are extremely useful, both to strive to achieve and to measure progress against.”

But what if there was an inspiring, fun, exciting way to set goals for your life? What if the inspiring goals actually helped your subconscious start focusing on them, day and night, without you even being aware of it? The steps below show exactly how to develop inspiring goals and will result in you feeling so motivated that you automatically start to track for the things you most want. Stop saying it and start doing it!


  1. You can either gather a stack of magazines (around 50 to 100), search for specific images on, or both . (This is best done over the course of the year and then do this exercise in January for a New Year’s resolution.) The magazines should be different types, covering all the topics that you are interested in. Some suggestions include: money/wealth, career, sport, adventure, health, cooking, spirituality/philosophy, fitness, fashion, travel etc.
  2. Go through each magazine and cut out any random pictures that appeal to you, and search for keywords that apply to your wants and desires. Allow your mind to wander and follow your instinct. Find bright, colorful images that make you feel fantastic or get you thinking about what life could be like if it were you in that picture. Some suggestions for pictures include people, cars, holidays, fashion, books, food, scenes, kids, adventure, jewelry, books, cash, diamonds, houses, shoes, boats etc. Try to minimize the words that you cut out.
  3. Purchase a magnetic board or a large blank painting canvas that is pre-strung on a timber frame and paper glue. (These are inexpensive and available at a local art store. I usually buy one which is about 1m * 1.5m – nice and big!) Or for an added artistic touch purchase a customized leather or suede magnetic board at
  4. Schedule some time in your diary for cutting and gluing day! You may need 2 or 3 lots of time.
  5. On the day, put on your favorite inspiring music, make some coffee or whatever you like to drink. Buy some goodies to nibble on. And go to it!
  6. Cut out the pictures neatly and stick them on your board. Paste over any faces of the people you have cut out. This is your dream board! (And we don’t want you thinking about other people!).
  7. Place the dream board beside your bed or in your office and look at it at least twice a day for about 5 minutes. Enjoy the images, enjoy your work and imagine yourself leading the life that is in your dream board.
  8. You will notice in the following 12 months that you are starting to achieve some of the dreams you have stuck on your board.
  9. Begin collecting pictures for next year’s dream board.
  10. Include family members in this project. My husband and I both do a dream board each year. When we have kids and they are old enough, we’ll be encouraging them to do mini-boards, for sure!


  • Magazines can be expensive! Consider collecting old magazines from friends, your local library, hairdressing salons, doctors surgeries, gyms, your work, thrift stores, bazaars etc. People are usually ecstatic to have someone recycling their old magazines.
  • Often magazine subscriptions are much cheaper and there are many that can be ordered online and delivered right to home.
  • Blank canvases for painting are available at your local art or stationery store. The cost is around $20 USD depending on the size you go for.
  • If you are not too keen on using canvases, use a bulletin board.
  • When making your dream board try to focus on the things you like the most! For example, I love to play soccer so i pasted a soccer ball on my dream board!
  • If you think you are going to need a bigger board then get it!You dont want to worry you will not have enough space!


  • When cutting and gluing it is advisable to lay it all out on a big plastic sheet. This way you won’t get any of the glue on your floors or table and it is also easy for you to bundle up all your scraps.
  • Try to keep all the stuff you cut out orginized you dont want to loose anything!

Things You’ll Need

  • Blank canvas pre-stretched on timber frame
  • Scissors
  • file for grip tape
  • Paper glue (that will stick paper to canvas)
  • Large plastic ground sheet (buy them from the hardware store – try drop sheets used by painters)
  • Yummy drinks and food nibbles to keep you going
  • Your favorite music

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Make a Dream Board. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

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