Expert Tips on Career Change & Social Media

I recently had an opportunity to interview Kimberly Bishop about changing careers. Kimberly is a recruiter and job search expert on high-growth career fields, and speaks extensively on the importance of leveraging your existing experience to transition into and land a new job.

Did you know that most people change their careers several times over the course of their lifetime? I’ve heard that some professionals switch gears in their career as many as 8 to 10 times. And considering the current economic situation, I’m sure some of those transitions were not by choice.

Maybe you’ve been laid off recently. Or perhaps you’ve had a change of heart in your current profession. If so, you know that finding a new job, and choosing a new place to work — let alone an entirely new industry — can be confusing.

Whether you are a salesperson that has decided to become an accountant, or a baker that wants to go into marketing, it takes more than a leap of faith to enter into a new profession, says Kimberly.

I agree. It takes a certain amount of faith plus preparation to land into a new career or even to transition from one aspect of your field to another.

However, with the right advice and a strategic plan, anyone can transition into a new position seamlessly.

Check out the video below, where you’ll learn more about:

. . . The realities of a career change and how to get started
. . . The importance of planning and how to identify transferable skills
. . . How to gain the experience to enter a new career field
. . . Why career change networking is different than traditional networking
. . . The role of social media in the career change process

About Kimberly Bishop

Founder and CEO of the career management and leadership services company that bears her name, Kimberly Bishop is in the business of helping organizations and boards with talent – and helping people find jobs and manage their careers. Kim, who herself made a career change and was profiled by The New York Times on that subject, is perfectly suited to help others make a transition regardless of where they are in their careers, their industry, location or culture. Kim appears regularly on CNBC, CNN, NBC, Fox Business, WABC and NY1News, and has been interviewed for several national publications. Kim is currently completing a book regarding career change and the job search process.

About the Author

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