When Negative Voices Crowd Out the Positive 

Courtesy of StockVault

Courtesy of StockVault

I had a great conversation with a friend last weekend. We talked about some of our latest business ventures, and she shared with me how some of the people who she thought would be supportive, were in fact, the complete opposite.

Usually, when starting something new –whether it’s a new job, business venture, or new career track altogether — you’ll likely find that the people closest to you, particularly best friends and family members, are generally in your corner, rooting you along the way, and happy to see that you’ve found something you’re passionate about.

But every once in while, and for some more often, you’ll find that people are just not that into seeing you succeed. It’s either that, or they’re just too consumed with their own lives that they can’t seem to find the time to congratulate or be a cheerleader in yours.

What becomes most disheartening is when you’ve been a supporter of many, but when it comes to your own dreams, it’s hard to find a good friend or family member who’s willing to be a believer in you.

Hopefully, you have folks in your life who believe in you just as much as you believe in them, if not more. But in those rare times that you don’t, here’s my solution (as I shared with my friend):  sometimes you’ve gotta be your own supporter, your own dreamer, your own cheerleader, be the own wind in your sails, and add your own fuel to the fire.

Courtesy of StockVault

Courtesy of StockVault

It’s a sad reality, yes. But during these tough economic times — when people are losing jobs left and right, and businesses continue to downsize — it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to find the silver-lining in their own lives, so they are even less likely to find it in yours.

That’s okay. Here’s another solution: when the negative voices overcrowd the positive, silence the madness by making a decision to stop listening to the negativity and cling to the positive.

It’s that simple! We all have the incredible ability to believe what we want. 

Don’t fall victim to other people’s opinions. Imagine all the people who wouldn’t be where they are today had they bought in to the opposition of others. Think even of yourself — consider times in the past when you overcame a challenging rejection!

Keep the discussion going

When the negative voices arise, do you automatically shut them out and replace them with an uplifting mantra, or do you listen for a while and start to believe the negativity in your head?

Don’t be a victim. Stand up for yourself. Believe in who you are and what you’re made to be (and do) despite the naysayers. Believe in your capabilities and experience.

Remember your victories and take hold of the little voice inside that says “You can do it.” Because you can. And, most importantly, you will.

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