Going Green’s the Going Thing in Jobs

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Everyone’s talking about being eco-friendly — from what you wear to what you put in your body. But increasingly, more people are having serious discussions on what the job market has in store for workers and businesses that implement environmentally conscious design, policy, and/or technology to boost conservation and sustainability.

This evening I attended an informational session focused on the topic: “What is a Green Job?” led by Reclamation Energy, a Washington, DC-based organization whose mission is to nationalize energy independence through strategy, education and development.

Green jobs in general are those that are “kind to the eco-system,” said Akili West of Reclamation Energy. “Many of today’s existing jobs will evolve into green jobs. Green jobs are good for people and the planet. The people part means workers in green-collar jobs must be earning a family-supporting wage, have safe working conditions, and have opportunities for career advancement.”

Where are the green jobs?

According to Reclamation Energy, currently the green jobs most in-demand in the Washington, DC area and elsewhere are:

  • carpenters;
  • construction laborers;
  • supervisors/managers of construction trades and extraction workers;
  • heavy equipment operators;
  • plumbers, pipe and steamfitters;
  • roofers;
  • electricians;
  • cement masons and concrete; and
  • painters and installers.

The list consists primarily what we consider “blue collar” jobs. But experts say the outlook for entrepreneurs to take advantage of sustainability efforts, grants and funding is expected to become a hot topic in the next few years.

Below are several online resources where you can gather more information on where to find green jobs and solutions on how to green your existing business.

Is it time for you to start looking outside the box? And start considering greening what you do for a living?

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Courtesy of Dreamstime

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Keep the Discussion Going

Do you currently have a “green job” or is your current position turning into one? 

Are you eager to take advantage of green opportunity?

How will you pioneer your way into your dream career, while along the way helping out your community and the environment as a whole?

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