Going. Going. Going. STOP! Know When to Hang It Up and Recharge

I felt so tired this entire week. Literally, fatigued. I have my hand in different projects, including writing daily for this blog. On top of that, my teenage cousin is visiting me from the state of Georgia, so I’ve been trying to find ways to keep him entertained in my normally boring little world.

If that’s not enough, I’m also caring for a sick little girl — my daughter is fighting a cold with a nasty, runny nose, and has been extremely fussy.

 Needless to say, I was feeling pulled in so many directions this week. Today, I felt I just couldn’t focus on anything resembling productivity until I gave myself a much-needed b-r-e-a-k.

So, what did I do? I took a nap. Actually, I took about three. Yes, it’s not even 2:30 in the afternoon (as of this moment), and I’ve already taken three naps today. I waited until the baby went down for her naps, of course, and then I curled up on the bed and shut my eyes to the world.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of taking naps in the middle of the day. I am a unique (and fortunate) case because I work from home.

But I’m sure you can relate to this level of fatigue. We all reach a point when we just can’t go any further until we have a chance to recharge and take care of ourselves. Some of us though, keep going and going at the detriment of our work, health, sanity, and overall well-being.

If you find yourself constantly burning the midnight oil, or running yourself ragged. It’s time to stop and ask yourself “Why?”

What’s your response? Are you worn out . . . for your job? For your spouse? For your kids? For some intangible thing in the future? 

If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to prioritize. This week, sit down and write out what your dreams are, how they originated, and why you’ve decided to pursue them. Also, take some time out for yourself doing something you, and you alone, will enjoy.

Recharge. Replenish. Refocus. It’s okay to take some time to care for yourself if it means you’ll be a better person for those around you, and you’ll be more productive at achieving your dreams as a result.

I can certainly tell you this: I was way more attentive to my daughter’s needs and that of my other responsibilities once I rose from that third nap.

Keep the Discussion Going

How do you spend your “me-time”? Going to the spa? Getting your nails done? Indulging in a hobby? Exercising? Vegging out in front of the television? Going to the movies or out to eat with friends? Playing board games with family? Driving to no particular destination, aimlessly? Taking a nap (or three)?

Share your recharge story with us. And feel free to give any other family-friendly ideas on how to recharge.



  • Sharmaine

    Heya Em…Thank you for posting and keeping this going, I am encouraged by what you’re doing and will make it a weekly effort to continue reading. I can definitely relate and I am at the point of burn out, with my current job and it’s taking a toll on my health, mentally and emotionally…Hopefully the weather is still warm this weekend, so I can frolic at the beach.

    • http://www.thecareerpioneer.com Emily Brown

      Yes! Sounds like you definitely need the time to refresh, rejuvenate and reconnect. Thanks so much for your support and for reading. It means a lot Sharmaine!

  • Alexis

    Three naps! O how I am trying to not struggle with envy as I just ripped the keyboard off my forehead at work lol! This morning the little one decided to wake up at 4:00am and wanted to play (what in the world!) Of course it took almost 2 hours to get her back to sleep and my alarm rung 30 min after that (this has been going on for about 2-3 weeks). So off to work by 8am and then after work straight home to pick her up, cook dinner, give her a bath, read books and then her night-night routine. I get down stairs by 9-9:30pm to sit on the couch and watch at least 1 hour of TV before I get ready to turn in for the next day! That 1 hour just doesn’t get it for me though (especially if my husband has the remote!). Once a month I schedule time with my scrapbook buddies and we get together for about 4-6 hours and work on our hobby. Yes most of the time we chat about whatever, eat snacks and laugh uncontrollably but I look forward to that time so much! Now if I could just figure out how to get weekly recharge times I think I may be on to something. I think I will take time out to prioritize a bit this weekend for starters! Thanks for your post Emily!

    • Emily Brown

      Thanks Alexis for sharing your weekly (and daily) challenge! Honestly, it was quite humorous, but at the same time something that I’m sure LOTS of people are challenged with. It’s as if we get stuck in a certain routine by default and there’s no way to break from it. It’s great to hear that you have your scrap-booking buddies to break up the monotony, and to refresh. Quite frankly, my daily coffee fix gets me through most days productively. Thanks again for sharing!

  • nique

    Emily I can relate you know I recharge usually by shopping but I am trying to find a less expensive way to recharge
    so I have started reading more books, going for walks, enjoying local free attractions and museums , one of my new favorite places has been the sculpture garden in downtown DC , and hanging with friends doing whatever always seems to relax me

    • Emily Brown

      Shopping is a GREAT and lovely way to recharge if you can afford it! Thanks for all the great suggestions on FREE ways to recharge and refresh. And kudos to you for seeking out guilt-free ways to take care of yourself!